Even When It's Dark

Art Performance Poster Design //

Social Assets // Digital Program

Even When It's Dark was an evening of art co-presented by Taylor Pasquale and Patrick Foit that included modern dance performance and a jazz quartet. 

Project: Event poster design (2020) 

Taylor and Patrick were looking for a sleek design to tie together their combined art show and reflect the theme of the night: "Even When It's Dark..." a titled that encourages you to consider what you turn to when it's dark. 

The final design employed a bold font choice with exaggerated sizing to laalalalalal 

EWID Digital.png

Project: Album Art (2018) 

Design for Lake Anna's album artwork was inspired by the concept of a man-made lake... the illustration uses people's bodies to make up the texture of the lake. The background tells more about the story of the lake: it was created to provide fresh, clean water to cool the nuclear plant nearby. 


Project: Concert Poster (2019) 

The Chase and Lake Anna's concert poster was designed from a wide-open creative approach. Overlaying photography and original line work, the design elicits the nautral world, the sunset, costal landscapes, mountain scapes, and soothing colors. 

LA Framed.png