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Lake Anna

Apparel Design // Album Art // Concert Poster 

Lake Anna is an indie-jazz-rock band based in Richmond, Virginia named after a man-made lake in the state.

Project: Apparel Design (2020) 

Pulling from both the vintage Hawaiian surfer aesthetic and 90s skater style, the apparel design blends bold neon with softer pinks and lilac colors. 

Topographical maps of Virginia Beach and Oahu are overlaid into the design, personalizing the design to Lake Anna's dual roots in both locations. Designed with a color burn and posterization effects, the final product is both grungy and island-like: tying all of the elements together in a signature look. 

Jumper MockUp PSD.png
Lake Anna oahu.png

Project: Album Art (2018) 

Design for Lake Anna's album artwork was inspired by the concept of a man-made lake... the illustration uses people's bodies to make up the texture of the lake. The background tells more about the story of the lake: it was created to provide fresh, clean water to cool the nuclear plant nearby. 

lake anna.png
Lake Anna Album Art

Project: Concert Poster (2019) 

The Chase and Lake Anna's concert poster was designed from a wide-open creative approach. Overlaying photography and original line work, the design elicits the nautral world, the sunset, costal landscapes, mountain scapes, and soothing colors. 

LA Framed.png
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