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The Voyage 

Logo Design // Album Art 

The Voyage is a  jazz quartet based in Fairfax, Virginia. The Voyage spans from classical to experimental to funk jazz.


Project: Logo Design

The logo needed to be crisp, original, clean and funky to capture the wide spread of styles that the Voyage's music includes. 

The 60s-style color pallet and striping call to a time past, an ode to the decades of jazz that laid foundations for the band, but the vibrancy of the hues eludes to new and bold ideas- where the group is at now. 

The design is hand-drawn, to emphasize the group's original and unique style.


“As a band we always tossed around ideas for logos and album covers, but never had the collective artistic vision to do it ourselves. Beth worked closely with us to develop a bridge between our music and the image we wanted to present.”

-Patrick Foit, drummer + band manager of The Voyage

Voyage CD Case Mockup.png

Project: Live at Twins Jazz Album Art 

The design for the Live at Twins album came from through a minimalist approach that plays off the concept of "Twins" in referral to the venue's name. Again, cultivating The Voyage's sense of uniqueness, this artwork was hand drawn to keep within the band's signature brand.

Twins Jazz CD Cover.png
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