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Two of a Kind

Performance Event Branding 

Two of a Kind was a shared evening of dance choreographed and presented by myself and Trevor Wilde, another Portland-based artist. Since we wanted to market the event as a cohesive performance despite there being two different works presented with separate concepts and casts, we decided to brand the event more generically and chose the name "Two of a Kind." 

The concept behind the branding came from the overlap of our work as artists, hence the photography with overlays. The simple grey-scheme allowed for the event to be "unbranded" in a way. The intentional choice to not include our faces in the photographs draws attention away from the choreographers and towards the event- leaving space for imagination and mystery- and simulataneously drawing audience in with the question "what is this about?" 

More about Event Specific Design--

Event specific design can be as simple as a poster to hang at your local coffee shop or a cross-media approach with branded content to give your event a voice of it's own. 

A event design package could contain one or all of the following: 

- Print posters / flyers 

- Programs/ handouts for the event

- Tickets for the event

- Facebook and Instagram sized files

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